Who We Represent

FOR-A offers a wide range of broadcast and professional video products. FOR-A is also the exclusive distributor for Fujitsu transmission codecs, Odyssey video servers, Variant Envivo sports replay systems, and ClassX graphic systems.

JVC offers a complete line of professional equipment for the broadcast and professional video marketplace, including industry-leading streaming solutions, studio cameras, professional camcorders, 4K camcorders, Blu-ray recorders, and precision HD & 4K HDR studio monitors.

Wohler is the world leader in rackmount audio and video monitoring. Their newest systems include ST2110-compatible monitoring and Dolby decoding.

NETINT specializes in the intelligent control of Solid State Drive (SSD) devices optimized for video encoding, transcoding, and computational storage. Their video transcoding product provides OTT providers the next generation in stream scaling technology. The SSD/ASIC based solution offers: lower cost, less power consumption, less required rack-space, and improved efficiency of bandwidth.

Clear-Com is a world leader in wired and wireless intercom systems.

Blackmagic has grown rapidly to become one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology for the production and broadcast markets.

AJA offers a wide range of solutions for broadcast, production, post production, pro A/V and more.

PESA provides routing switchers, distribution equipment, streaming codecs, and encryption products to a variety of industries. Their streaming devices are perfect for contribution, or as a portal to live streaming websites. Their newest product offering is a KVM switch using JPEG2000 compression and AES 256 encryption.

Cobalt manufactures a comprehensive line of broadcast products. They offer frame synchronization, colour correction, transmission codecs, and much more. Cobalt provides a variety of form factors: portable units, rackmount, and openGear modular.

Actus provides compliance logging software and systems with all the required features. In addition, they offer modules for viewer data analysis, transport stream analysis, and clip creation for news, sports, OTT, or social media.

Brown provides directional speaker systems perfect for master control or open production areas. Their systems provide perfect sonic clarity to a small pre-programmed zone. These systems can clean up the cacophony of sound in a multi-use area, while avoiding long-term headphone use.

Rushworks offers a variety of hardware and software integrated media solutions. Key products include affordable PTZ units with control options and application-specific video servers.

Omnitek designs computer-based test and measurement equipment for the professional video market.

Hollyland Technology is a leading manufacturer of wireless video, audio, and data transmission solutions. They offer camera-based point to point transmission and intercom systems.

Quantum storage technologies help customers capture, create, and share digital content, with the fastest performance for high-resolution video, images, and industrial IoT. Quantum solutions include: NVMe, spinning disk, robotic LTO, and cloud. They also offer advanced software that moves data to the most appropriate storage solution.

Lupo builds LED lighting for the broadcast, studio production, photographic, and live venue markets. Their innovative products include Fresnels and Superpanels in single, dual, or full colour versions.

Plura supplies well-featured video monitors for reference, broadcast, and display purposes. Their products also include a complete line of timing solutions.

IO Industries designs and manufactures mini video cameras, digital video recorders, and software for applications in broadcast and production. Their cameras offer full professional capabilities and are available in HD or 4K resolutions.

Camgear designs and manufactures a wide range of tripods and camera support equipment for the video, broadcasting, and film industries.

Skaarhoj provides an innovative range of universal broadcast controllers. Their products are designed to give control over third-party hardware and include: RCPs for camera control, PTZ robotic camera controllers, vision mixing surfaces, router control panels, and a number of auxiliary products.

LYNX Technik designs and manufactures high quality terminal equipment for the television broadcast and professional A/V markets. Key products are fibre transmission, HDR conversion, and test generators.

Ensemble Designs is a manufacturer of digital video and audio equipment for the broadcast and post production industries. Their products include converters, test/sync generators, and more.

Appotronics has produced laser assemblies for projectors for many years. Their new series of single and dual laser projector systems use spinning phosphor disk technology to provide amazing colour and light output at a fraction of the traditional costs.

Telemetrics manufactures world-class camera robotics, elevation columns, and controllers.

EEG is a forward-looking video technology company with a focus on innovative cloud workflow products for closed captioning, accessibility, and metadata processing applications.

Photon Beard is a leading manufacturer of lighting equipment. They offer cutting-edge LED products using remote phosphor technology. They have been continuously manufacturing lighting equipment since 1882.

Calibre provides frame rate conversion, scalers, and LED video panels to the broadcast and professional A/V markets. Newest products include high resolution LED walls and LED bricks for special applications.

Rolux products include professional camera batteries, camcorder chargers, news lights, studio lights, tripods, camera bags, and camera accessories.

Muxlab offers a wide variety of converters, video over IP, hubs, rack mount monitors, and test/analysis products for the broadcast and A/V markets.